Meet Jeffrey C. Zimmerman


Jeffrey C. Zimmerman is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Licensed Acupuncturist, and Medical Qi Gong practitioner, in Westport CT. His 30 years of study across various disciplines from masters in Asian medicine, music, martial arts, medical qi gong, tai chi and science led to Jeff's development of his Harmonetiks method to enhance healing, self-care and performance.

In addition to receiving national certification in the U.S. from the Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, Jeff traveled to China to earn acupuncture certification from the Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Beijing. Jeff was one of the first Americans to be invited to practice Qi Gong and Fa Gong in the hospitals of China.

Jeff has demonstrated his talents in notable arenas such as at New York’s Columbia Presbyterian hospital with Dr. Mehmet Oz in the operating room during open heart surgery, as well as with Jim Gordon (the original Chairman of Complementary and Alternative Medicine in Washington, DC.) through teaching at the Comprehensive CancerCare Conference.

In his healing appointments, Jeff helps restore synchronicity to the body and harmony to the whole being. Most importantly, through the Harmonetiks method, he teaches how to practice doing this for yourself. To truly understand Jeff's work, it must be experienced. Jeff currently offers private appointments, in-person or at a distance, as well as group Harmonetiks classes in Westport, CT.

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