Extraordinary Made Possible


Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Jeffrey C. Zimmerman, equips modern day people with the secrets of western science and ancient Chinese practices to create extraordinary results. 


Jeffrey C. Zimmerman believes that everyone deserves to operate at their fullest potential. In order to achieve extraordinary, which we see as effortlessness, harmony must take place in the mind and body. Using the Harmonetiks method, Zimmerman can help CEOs, athletes, coaches and others perform at their optimal capacity. 

Jeff’s technique is extraordinary. It offers a simple but highly elegant opportunity to create healthy alignment of our bodies, minds and spirits. I could feel at once, more grounded, more at ease, and more fluid in the way that I moved and breathed.”
— Dr. James Gordon, Former Chairman, White House Commission on Complementary and Alternative Medicine Policy
Jeff Zimmerman’s energy work is one of the most powerful healing and learning experiences I have encountered.”
— Dr. Sidney Rosenblum
“Jeffrey Zimmerman’s system has shown meaningful results in terms of sustainable performance enhancement and maximal strength gains... I am personally convinced that his system can be applied to assist anybody in attaining and surpassing their own personal fitness goals.”
— Charles Poliquin, Olympic Coach
I enjoyed and benefited immensely from Jeff Zimmerman’s sessions. I have increased my reaction time along with the ability to focus on and off the field. He has also helped me stay injury-free by correcting my balance and modifying my techniques which has helped me improve my NFL career.
— Na'il Diggs, Carolina Panthers