Health and Wellness:

“I met Jeff Zimmerman in the late 80’s when my then wife Debra wanted me to quit smoking ,and after months of her nagging I  agreed to meet with Jeff who she said would make me quit.  I met with Jeff and he asked me if I really wanted to quit, to which I replied that it was probably the right thing to do, but no, I did not. Jeff said that I should go home and smoke, if that’s what I desired and that when I wanted to quit I would. Needless to say, Jeff was now my friend.

I didn’t see Jeff again for several years although Debra saw him occasionally.  In 1990 With my wife pregnant, we were at her parents house on Long Island and her brother had a new boat and wanted to take us to a restaurant in Huntington. We were on our way when a storm blew in and we decided to return to Smithtown because of Debra’s condition.  I stood at the windshield and counted the waves waiting for every 4th wave, which was supposed to be the worst, to tell Debra to hold on. After one of the 4th waves hit I turned to tell her to hold on when a huge rouge wave crashed into the boat. Sending me upward losing my grip and then crashing down several feet back into the table breaking it.  I was out for quite awhile and when I came to I was unable to move without extreme pain. Later at the Hospital I was told that I had broken my back in 3 different spots. I was given drugs and told to go home and let it mend itself. After several weeks of laying up It was evident that the pain was severe and I visited several specialists in NYC , the consensus  was that I would need back surgery and that three metal rods would be placed around my spine to support it and reduce the pain.  After thinking about it for awhile I decided to call Jeff and see if there was any Voodoo he could do( I was and still am a little weary of the unknown) After a short time he told me to get up. I was out of pain instantly, and asked him how often I would have to see him to keep the pain away, he told me I may never have it again but if I did that I knew where he was. WOW!!!

In the later 90’s. 96 or 7 I was involved in a terrible accident on the Palisades Parkway involving over 60 cars.  I remember that I was driving in the fog and talking on my cell when suddenly coming out of a fog bank I saw a lot of cars crashed with people walking around, I picked a spot without people and jumped on the brakes of my Porsche and slid to a stop only inches from the melee. When I looked out the drivers door, I saw a suv racing toward me, the last I remembered was throwing the phone and diving for the floor(no seat belt Thank God) When I came to, the firemen were using the jaws of live to extract me from my car. At the hospital, I was OK with only a severe  case of what was call  an arthritic shock to my chest cavity, causing me to gasp for air.  When I was told that time would heal it I looked for Jeff again and in a matter of moments he was able to get my body to take deep breaths therefore healing itself.” —David H., Arkansas



“I first met Dr. Jeffrey Zimmerman 18 years ago when I was pregnant with my son. I had a chronic cough that kept me up for nights on end and caused several cracked ribs. I called my OB and told him that in the event I went into labor I was just too exhausted and was afraid it could interfere with the delivery. At the time my OB was expanding his practice to include many complementary practitioners. Although not physically in his office yet he recommended that I contact one of them, Dr. Jeffrey Zimmerman at his home. He was sure he could help me regain my health. Dr. Zimmerman saw me the same day that I called. I drove to his home office for treatment 2 times a week and at the end of 3 weeks my chronic cough was gone. I went on to a healthy delivery, giving birth to my son just a few weeks afterwards.

Jeffrey’s gift for moving the bodies energies so that it can heal are remarkable. I continued to see him and to bring my entire family to him to help us through various health issues – asthma, strep throat, cyclic vomiting syndrome, Lyme disease, prostate cancer. He became our family practitioner as well as a good friend. One day my daughter then 9 was so ill that I did not dare to put her in the car for the  15 minute drive to Jeffrey’s home. I called him in desperation and asked what I should do. He informed me that he could work on her long distance. She could stay at home on our couch and he would be able to access her energies from his office. He asked me to call him the next day. It was later that night that I could see a perceivable difference in my daughter’s energy levels. She had an appetite for the first time in days. Jeffrey continue to work on Sarah and to my relief was better in only a matter of days. Clearly Jeffrey’s talents are not bound by time and space.

My youngest son was very ill with Lyme disease and so we made the decision to leave our home in CT and move to AZ. We have continued to work with Jeffrey from across the country. He has worked on all of us at one time or another and has been able to work on my family members. Most recently, my father was intubated at Stamford Hospital after having his second heart attack. Paramedics estimate his brain was without oxygen for approximately 6 minutes. I can only believe that Jeffrey’s incredible abilities had something to do with my father’s miraculous recovery. He has just been moved to a rehabilitation center and is expected to make a full recovery.

I don’t presume to understand the how and why of Jeffreys healing abilities. I do know that my family’s health has always improved after calling him to work on them. It does not matter if we are on his table in his office, in a hospital room or at home resting. The results are the same. Healing takes place not only on a physical level but positive changes are noticed on emotional and spiritual levels as well.

Jeffrey and I worked with together in several programs designed to promote stress reduction and to give the participants life enhancing skills in the workplace and at home. Week after week I heard participating students tell him how much they love and appreciated the exercises he taught them.The more they incorporated his teachings the more their lives changed for the better.

My life and the health of all of my family has been truly changed by Jeffrey Zimmerman. He is a compassionate man with incredible gifts. I am so excited that his wisdom is now in print for everyone to be able to access and learn from. May your life be as blessed as mine by this unique and talented man.” —Cathie L




“Jeff and I went to the sleep lab at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital to conduct an experiment on the use of Jeff’s energy system and it’s effect on the brain waves.

EEG leads were connected to my head (for what seemed like hours!!!) and the results were measured. I was very aware of what was going on in the room. There were approximately 7 or 8 people in the room, whispering and milling around. It was a big deal to see if this form of energy work could affect brain waves. Needless to say, the scientists and medical personnel were skeptical. Measurements were taken in a separate room and recorded. I was sitting down when Jeff applied his technique. We were all surprised when my standing alpha brain waves (we found out later) went from normal to theta in less than half of a second. I was very relaxed yet aware of what was going on in the room. We repeated this experiment 5 or 6 times. When Jeff took away the application of his energy technique, my brainwaves went back to a normal alpha state. Immediately upon application of his technique, the brainwaves went into theta in less than half a second.” —Cathy  L.


“I have– or should I should say– had incredible back pain in the mornings. I would literally have to use the wall to help myself straighten up. It took about five minutes to do. Hand over hand walking myself to an upright position. Sitting long periods of time would aggravate my condition. I really could not avoid sitting as I have a car service. A bad back like mine is detrimental to giving the kind of customer service I need to give to my clients – getting out of the car quickly to open their door and getting their luggage to the curb. I tried chiropractic adjustments, over three weeks worth. I had moderate improvement but still needed the wall in the morning; and although the pain was less, it was still a pain. I consulted my doctor and she recommended letting the back rest, and painkillers.

I finally sought treatment with Jeff Zimmerman. After just one session, the pain was reduced to tightness. He gave me instructions on how to move and he gave me two exercises that I can do while driving. My spine is more fluid and I can sit long periods without causing my back pain to return. It is amazing how simple this can be once you have the knowledge.” –John P.


 “Thank you for the private health sessions and the personalized instructions using your system, which I am now also practicing at home. As you may remember, I was originally diagnosed with sarcoidosis in 1976. Upon first being diagnosed, I placed my entire trust in the internists and specialists that were assigned to help me. As would be the case for anyone confronting a serious medical issue, I was compliant of whatever was asked of me. At their direction, I engaged in a repetitive cycle that included: frequent office visits, x-rays, pulmonary functions tests, blood work and urine sampling. As my condition took a gradual and noticeable turn for the worse, I looked to my doctors for answers. Apparently, western medicine is not very good at admitting what it can’t do. As time continued to elapse, I grew more impatient and began pressing my doctors for more definitive answers. The breaking point eventually came with this sobering response – ‘There is nothing further that I can do for you or give to you. I don’t think it is wise to give you prednizone because it is very powerful and potentially damaging. This disease is going to take its course, one way or the other.’ When I hung up the telephone, I was stunned. After placing my complete faith in this doctor, I had realized that– in essence, I had been strung along. On the one hand, he and other doctors got paid and expensive tests were conducted, all financed by my co-pays and insurance. On the other hand, valuable time was lost and my condition had gotten worse (not better). Coincidental to the onset of this disease, I also experienced the following symptoms: aches and pains at multiple joint locations, chronic light-headedness, persistent coughing (green and yellow phlegm), weight loss, appetite loss, listlessness, and frequent bowel movements (10-12/day). While burdened with this condition, any effort of physical exertion typically drained or strained my system. The onset of an asthmatic condition, coupled with an already shortened breath, appeared to be the final straws that sealed my fate as being “permanently disabled.” My once athletic prowess and the vibrancy of my physical being became things of the past. Prior to being introduced to your techniques, I had spent 20+ years living in sub-standard health and my lungs were assessed at the stage 3 level. After our FIRST health session using the principles of  your techniques, my joint aches immediately disappeared and the frequency of my bowel movements began to recede back to normal levels. These developments, in themselves, are very significant quality-of-life issues. How nice it is not have to have the worries about being in close proximity to bathrooms. The dread of mustering enough energy to get up from a chair, go shopping with my wife (an olympic-syled sport), or simply playing with my children is now overridden by the joys of living. Even though, by circumstance, I have been forced into a sedentary lifestyle, my more frequent practices of your techniques seem to be giving me a second chance at life. I have not participated in any physical or aerobic training, yet my body has become much stronger and vibrant, my pulmonary functions tests have shown substantial improvement and I am no longer classified as being “asthmatic.” This past spring, I underwent a full-body gallium scan (over a 2 day period). The results showed that there were no “hot spots,” lending credence to the notion that the previously “incurable” sarcoidosis condition is now vanquished from my system. I am fascinated as well as thankful for these results. I can’t explain it, but I know first-hand that the positive effects from practicing your techniques are broad-based and multifaceted. I will continue to keep you informed of further developments, as they occur. Thank you, again.” —Bob S.


“Thank you for opening up a whole new world of well-being to me. Your treatments and advice on self-care really helped my knee pain. I’m particularly grateful to you for teaching me how I can participate in my own recovery by learning to walk correctly, with my body in proper alignment so as to alleviate knee and ankle pressure. I have been practicing my new “walking” wherever I happen to be.  I notice that when I relax and walk correctly, the knee pain vanishes, my arthritic ankles are relieved and my posture improves, thanks to your system. I find it very empowering to be able, with your guidance, to help myself ameliorate a painful condition. In the long term that seems more useful than masking the pain with pills.” –Mardy D., Westport, CT


“Thank you so much for doing whatever you do so well. It is nothing short of amazing. Because of you, I consider myself a walking miracle. Here’s why:

As you know, in mid-July, I woke up one morning with an inverted nipple and pain in my left breast. A mammogram and ultrasound subsequently confirmed that there was indeed something there. It showed up as a ‘change in texture,’ but my gynecologist, radiologist, oncologist, and surgeon all thought I had breast cancer based on my symptoms and radiology reports. They encouraged me to have a biopsy as soon as possible so I could take the appropriate action.

I came to you twice during that period of uncertainty. The first time was shortly after the mammogram and the second time was just before the surgical biopsy (which was expected to confirm everyone’s suspicions.) I told you my story and I’ll never forget your response– ‘Well, let’s do something about that.’ And you put your therapy to work.

The biopsy was performed and my surgeon removed a large mass of ruptured and inflamed cysts. It looked like cancer so she took out as much as she could, fearing the worst. Surprisingly, the initial biopsy came back negative. Three days later, the results of the full biopsy confirmed it – no cancer. Afraid that there might be some mistake, she called the pathologist three times to confirm and reconfirm that there really was no evidence of cancer.

My surgeon has since told me that the chronic inflammation in my breast was the worst she had seen in 15 years, and she has never seen that degree of inflammation NOT be cancer. And although she is delighted and amazed at the outcome, she has no explanation for why my case would be such an exception. I know, however, that what distinguishes me is that I came to you for treatment.

So, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping my body to literally heal itself. My challenge now is to keep it that way, and I have every confidence that with your continuing therapy, I will remain cancer free for years to come.

Keep up the good work!” —Deb K.


Strength Training:

“I was introduced to the Jeff’s strength training system approximately 2 years ago. I have been a strength coach for over 40 years. My athletes range from stay-at-home moms to lacrosse and football players. Some of my personal weightlifting records lasted more than 20 years. My son is also a strength coach who has worked with many professional athletes. In all my years of strength training, I have never experienced such dramatic results! Using traditional methods of strength training with my clients, I would get approximately 100% improvement in 6 months. Once I began to use Jeff’s system, I see 300 to 500% improvement or more in the same 6 months or less!  I’ve trained more than 20 people from ages 17 to 70 using Jeff’s system with these dramatic results.” —Larry P.  (Larry held strength training records in California for more than 20 years.)


“I started playing golf with my dad around 11 years old until the age of 20 and I was pretty good. As I got older I stopped playing for many, many years. Then I came across this technique that Jeff Zimmerman developed and found I could hit the ball farther than I’d ever hit it before. I’m 75 years old. I couldn’t believe it. I went out and won opening day this year with an 84! Jeff’s technique freed up my natural energy and allowed me to use that energy without any constriction, giving me a whole new range of possibilities. I found I could hit the ball farther than I’d ever hit before. I was 75 years old! Jeff’s technique freed up my natural energy and allowed me to use that energy without any constriction, giving me a whole new range of possibilities. It took me a couple of months to master. Now I don’t have the pain in my back and hips that I used to have. That means I can swing my clubs and walk the course comfortably. It’s changed my golf game, and my life.” – Ann H, Author, Musician, Competitive Golfer, and Super Senior Woman’s Champion at Chevy Chase Golf Club, Washington, D.C.


“Jeff Zimmerman has found a way where you can focus on your balance better and it allows you to swing with less effort. Jeff has really pinpointed the balance points in the golf swing, which has not only helped me keep my golf swing injury-free, but also helped me make a better turn behind the ball. This has translated into more distance.” —John Cooper, Head PGA Professional and Master Golf Instructor at Longshore Golf, Westport, Connecticut


“I am a 6 handicapper who has played the game of golf at all levels throughout my life. I have studied and discussed the mechanics of the golf swing endlessly. As a direct result of working with Jeff Zimmerman and using the his Golf technique, I am now able to strike the ball with greater strength, control, balance, consistency, ease and enjoyment than I ever have before. Because of Jeff and his golf system, I generate more energy and strike the golf ball squarely, every single time.” —RF

 “First and foremost, I would like to express how impressed I am in your method of teaching and explaining 30+ years of experience in less than an hour. For you to have invented a method of demonstrating to a highly skilled professional golfer such as Paul, literally within moments, that he could increase his power is truly mind-boggling. And to be able to do this with less effort, while eliminating tension, thus reducing chances of future injury is just a remarkable feat. Paul has since mentioned to me, even with barely a primer lesson in your method, he has been able to instruct his amateur clients with noticeable results. When you and Paul start sharing this revolutionary method with Paul’s professional clients, I am confident they will realize a stress- and injury-free golf swing will yield an extended opportunity to earn their income in their career. On a personal note, I got my first 18 holes in yesterday. Between Paul helping me improve my grip while I attempted to utilize your method I eavesdropped on, it was not a pretty sight. My swing felt easier, more relaxed and more fluid. However please save me a seat at one of your teaching seminars. Jeff, I believe you are at the threshold of introducing one of the greatest, most beneficial teaching methods ever before seen in golf.

Last evening, I had my first chance to apply your method since my lesson with you & Paul last week. The results were truly amazing. Not only did I strike the golf ball with ease, tension and stress-free, but the increased distance meant far more club-head speed. For the first time in ages, I was able to compress the ball with power without attempting to “kill it”. These impressive results came with a minimal effort on my part regarding practice. I am looking forward to improving my game using your system. Two other benefits of your technique revealed themselves last night. First, when the “old” swing returns with tightness & tension, you notice it instantly. On one particular swing, I noticed tension in my grip return as I was about to strike the ball. This instant awareness exploded in my mind just enough to break concentration. The resulting shot was not so bad but the experience of instant awareness was and is mind-boggling. Secondly, while watching other golfers swing, noticing the tension they exhibit is remarkably obvious. I am truly a rookie regarding your system, however a blind man can now see what I never did. Just observing guys address the ball, it is amazing how tight & tense they appear. Although I have yet to do so, I am anxious to share the ‘om’ with others. I did mention to my partner, my son Michael, what you are teaching Paul, who is teaching me. Mike said, ‘Your GURU must be on to something, you’re hitting a club or two less than last year just as far.'” —Bob  R



As a practitioner of Chinese Medicine, I’ve had the pleasure of being treated by and studied with numerous talented Acupuncturists and Jeffrey is really an exceptionally gifted practitioner. I’ve been treated by him in person and received distance treatments from him. He was particularly instrumental in inducing the labors of both of my daughters and helped treat my post-partum depression after the birth of my first daughter.  In the case of my first daughter I was past my due date and had gone to three acupuncturists to try to induce the labor. Nothing seemed to be working. I contacted Jeffrey and with in hours I started to feel contractions. The following morning the contractions had stopped. I contacted Jeffery and before I could say anything he said, “What’s going on? It seems like things are stuck.” I told him that the contractions had stopped, he said he would continue to work on me and with in 20 minuets they started again and within hours I had the completely natural child birth that I had wanted.  With my second daughter I was also past my due date, I had gone in for an ultrasound where they told me that my amniotic fluid was low.  I was very upset to hear this because like my first child I wanted to have a natural childbirth. I called Jeffrey and asked if he could help. I didn’t tell him about the results of the sonogram but just from checking in with me he said “Your water energy is low, I’ll start working on you right away” The next morning my second daughter was born with the most effortless and painless labor imaginable. I consider myself truly blessed to know Jeffrey and to be able to call on his abilities, anytime anywhere for healing, transformation and relief. He is truly a master at moving Qi!


Rachael N.

I have been receiving acupuncture and chi gong treatments from Jeffrey in person since I first met him in 1992. Within a year after starting treatments with him I additionally had some distance healing treatments as at times it was not possible to meet in his office.


I discovered that the distance treatments have some significant benefits over office treatments. One of the greatest benefits of the at home treatments is that I often entered a deep healing space during the treatment and did not have to leave that healing flow after the treatment was over but I could stay in the healing energy for up to an hour afterwards and thereby obtain even more profound benefits.  Another benefit of the distance treatments is that I could receive them anywhere and under any conditions. Most recently I had three teeth extracted in one 3 hour appointment in Whitefish Montana. I had also arranged for Jeffrey to work on me by distance during the extraction appointment. When I returned for a follow up appointment two days later the dentist was amazed at how quickly and completely the surgery site had healed. Although I was feeling some discomfort, the wounds themselves had healed almost completely.


With distance healing I have experienced that there are no limits created wither by distance or by the environment around me. I have received powerful treatments from as far away as Katmandu and in situations such as in airports and airplanes that used to trigger excruciating migraines.  In fact sometimes it is best to receive the healing in exactly the situation and time that usually would cause the most stress on the body’s system.


On moving to Montana from Connecticut in 1995 I was concerned that I would be losing a valuable healing resource with Jeffery being in Connecticut. My concern was unnecessary for over the ensuing 20 years I have received regular distance treatments from Jeffery as well as occasional in person treatments when I am back in Connecticut. I have had a dual career of operating a Commercial Real Estate Brokerage and Management Business in Connecticut continuously for 34 years and teaching advanced one on one meditation techniques as an ordained minister for 18 years. My wife and I have also built and operated a Retreat Center in Montana. Jeffery’s skills have made it immeasurably easier to pursue several very different careers simultaneously and integrate the dynamics of both experiences into a whole and unified lifestyle.  I do not think it would have been possible to operate so fully in  several very different occupations and “worlds” without the ability to integrate the experiences that were received with Jeffery’s skills in chi gong healing and his ability to apply it so well in distance healing.


The conditions that Jeffrey has assisted me with have been chronic migraine headaches, chronic back spasms, tinnitus (ringing in the ears,) and the physical and emotional stresses that come from being an intuitionally sensitive individual while fully participating in the intensity of everyday business and family life. 


Personally I have been trained in Reiki and have advanced training in Bio-Energy Balancing.  I have practiced both for healing of others both in person and for distance healing. However none of the modalities I have been trained in have the power or effectiveness of Jeffery’s techniques. Once or twice in a lifetime you get to meet and take healing from someone who has attained mastery in their field of endeavor. I have no doubt that Jeffery has attained a high level of mastery in the area of Chi Gong energy distance healing.

Marc N.



I have been working long distance with Jeffrey Zimmerman for many years. I originally saw him in person in his office for fibromyalgia and CFS, among other things. I had been housebound for 7 years and drove 20 minutes to his office in total desperation. It was definitely worth the trip. From the very beginning, I sensed  that some very deep, profound shifts were occurring. Over the ensuing months, I threw away my cane and became more and more mobile.


One very snowy day, I could not drive to Jeff's office so he suggested that we work long distance. It was an amazing experience. The results were just as positive as if I had seen him in person!  I don't know how he does it, but his work has had a huge impact on my life.


I have since moved 150 miles away and continue to work long distance with Jeff. I sense that, somehow, he is able to "talk" to my body and listen to what it needs. Body pain and tightness disappears, and a sense of wellness pervades. I am truly grateful to have such a gifted healer in my life.

Margaret B.