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Synchronization is the coordination of events to operate a system in unison. Energies operating with all their parts in harmony are said to be synchronous or in sync.

Inhale love, exhale gratitude.

Why Synchronize:

Our bodies are designed to synchronize/harmonize within themselves and with the world around us. When that happens, we work with the universe rather than against it. Unfortunately, the pressures of modern life have taken many people out of harmony, effecting our ability to create health and defend against dis-ease.


Every medical condition from psychiatric, emotional and spiritual disorders, as well as physical conditions such as back pain, heart disease, respiratory issues, immune disorders, etc are simply an expression of the energy of the body, mind, spirit being out of sync or harmony. We will restore and guide you in maintaining your unique Harmonization.

Services and Pricing:

Acupuncture Tune Up:                  $75   1/2 hour

Buy 10 Sessions $650.00


Acupuncture + Qi Gong Tune Up:     $120  1/2 hour session

Buy 10 sessions $1000


Acupuncture with Harmonetiks:    $200  1 hour

Buy 10 sessions $1750


Veteran Special Pricing:                $50  session

with every session an online class is donated to a veteran

House Calls:                                  $ TBD 

​Zoom-Long Distance Healing:        $175   1 hour session

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