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Blue Light

Brain Waves

Columbia Presbyterian Hospital

Sleep Lab-2002-New York

“Jeff and I went to the sleep lab at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital to conduct an experiment on the use of Jeff’s energy system and it’s effect on the brain waves.

EEG leads were connected to my head (for what seemed like hours!!!) and the results were measured. I was very aware of what was going on in the room. There were approximately 7 or 8 people in the room, whispering and milling around. It was a big deal to see if this form of energy work could affect brain waves. Needless to say, the scientists and medical personnel were skeptical. Measurements were taken in a separate room and recorded. I was sitting down when Jeff applied his technique. We were all surprised when my standing alpha brain waves (we found out later) went from normal to theta in less than half of a second. I was very relaxed yet aware of what was going on in the room. We repeated this experiment 5 or 6 times. When Jeff took away the application of his energy technique, my brainwaves went back to a normal alpha state. Immediately upon application of his technique, the brainwaves went into theta in less than half a second.”  — Cathy  L.

Back Pain

“I have– or should I should say– had incredible back pain in the mornings. I would literally have to use the wall to help myself straighten up. It took about five minutes to do. Hand over hand walking myself to an upright position. Sitting long periods of time would aggravate my condition. I really could not avoid sitting as I have a car service. A bad back like mine is detrimental to giving the kind of customer service I need to give to my clients – getting out of the car quickly to open their door and getting their luggage to the curb. I tried chiropractic adjustments, over three weeks worth. I had moderate improvement but still needed the wall in the morning; and although the pain was less, it was still a pain. I consulted my doctor and she recommended letting the back rest, and painkillers.

I finally sought treatment with Jeff Zimmerman. After just one session, the pain was reduced to tightness. He gave me instructions on how to move and he gave me two exercises that I can do while driving. My spine is more fluid and I can sit long periods without causing my back pain to return. It is amazing how simple this can be once you have the knowledge.”   — John P

Inflammation - Cancer?

“Thank you so much for doing whatever you do so well. It is nothing short of amazing. Because of you, I consider myself a walking miracle.

Here’s why:

As you know, in mid-July, I woke up one morning with an inverted nipple and pain in my left breast. A mammogram and ultrasound subsequently confirmed that there was indeed something there. It showed up as a ‘change in texture,’ but my gynecologist, radiologist, oncologist, and surgeon all thought I had breast cancer based on my symptoms and radiology reports. They encouraged me to have a biopsy as soon as possible so I could take the appropriate action.

I came to you twice during that period of uncertainty. The first time was shortly after the mammogram and the second time was just before the surgical biopsy (which was expected to confirm everyone’s suspicions.) I told you my story and I’ll never forget your response– ‘Well, let’s do something about that.’ And you put your therapy to work.

The biopsy was performed and my surgeon removed a large mass of ruptured and inflamed cysts. It looked like cancer so she took out as much as she could, fearing the worst. Surprisingly, the initial biopsy came back negative. Three days later, the results of the full biopsy confirmed it – no cancer. Afraid that there might be some mistake, she called the pathologist three times to confirm and reconfirm that there really was no evidence of cancer.

My surgeon has since told me that the chronic inflammation in my breast was the worst she had seen in 15 years, and she has never seen that degree of inflammation NOT be cancer. And although she is delighted and amazed at the outcome, she has no explanation for why my case would be such an exception. I know, however, that what distinguishes me is that I came to you for treatment.

So, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping my body to literally heal itself. My challenge now is to keep it that way, and I have every confidence that with your continuing therapy, I will remain cancer free for years to come. Keep up the good work. — Deb K

American Football Stadium

Na'il Diggs

“I enjoyed and benefited immensely from Jeff Zimmermans’ sessions. I have increased my reaction time along with the ability to focus on and off the field. He has also helped me stay injury-free by correcting my balance and modifying my techniques which has helped me improve my NFL career.”

—  Na’il Diggs,  Carolina Panthers

Alan Sharkany

“I’ injured my right shoulder and right arm training and hadn’t been able to return to full strength. I was resigned that I could no longer perform at a high level. Then I met Jeff and through his body synchronization technique I was able to rehab my shoulder and arm and return to competition. Now I’ve reached a level of performance I knew existed but could never achieve until I found Jeff Zimmerman.  Now I have no idea what my potential is.” 


—  Alan Sharkany Jr., Athletic Trainer and Motivational Speaker, World-Record Holder for Pull-Ups, Heavyweight Class (2,101 in 24-Hours on Oct. 26, 2002), Norwalk, CT“

Lifting Kettlebells

Charles Poliquin

“Jeffrey Zimmerman’s system has shown meaningful results in terms of sustainable performance enhancement and maximal strength gains.  Breaking plateaus is what separates the champions from the wannabes. What is most exciting is that those increases are being accomplished by many different people, including NFL veterans, men who already have extensive strength and conditioning backgrounds. I am personally convinced that his system can be applied to assist anybody in attaining and surpassing their own personal fitness goals.” — Charles Poliquin

Charles Poliquin is a renowned holistic strength and conditioning guru who has coached Olympic in 17 different sports, and world record holders in 10 sports. Poliquin was able to employ Jeff’s technique at his training facility to help his clients harmonize their energy and perform their best.

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